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Patrick Carmack


Pat Carmack

My not so humble beginnings take me back to the soft green grass of the Georgia foothills, in a little town called Macadamia. It was there I learned what back breaking blue collar nut shelling was about. My pop was a sheller, the head sheller at the mixed nuts plant. He was the Chief supervisor over the Macadamia unit there. I grew up collecting the nuts, shelling and eating nuts my whole life. My father was pissed when I passed on a job at the plant, I found that being a news boy and having a paper route in my neighborhood was way more exciting. I loved delivering those papers!, especially the two houses with the hot moms hanging out doing yard work. I had a habit of malingering or fake an injury when I delivered there hoping to come inside for a cookie or a glass of fresh Knee squeezed lemonade. After years of feeling anxiety from wondering if I have an illegitimate out there, I found tattooing. It whisked me away from a life I don’t remember anymore, Tattooing has been my love affair ever since.


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